Copywriting & Editing

If you’ve written and re-written your brochure copy but still aren’t happy with it, if you just can’t nail the perfect copy for your sale page or if you’ve spent tonnes of time thinking about your website but not written a single word then I say…

Enough is enough. Your someday is right now and I’m going to help you grab it.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a battle-tested woman in biz or a small business that’s ready to go BIG, we’ll work together to get those big ideas out of your head and onto your website, setting you up for success right from the get-go.

Contact me for a bespoke quote or check out the detail below… I call them my “gimme great content!” packages and they’re designed to compel and convert curious readers into super-fans and paying customers.

Gimme One Fabulous Page

You know it’s there… THAT page on your website. You like the copy, but if you’re honest you don’t love it. You know it could be better, stronger, better, more standout, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve been staring at it for days… in fact, it’s giving you a damn headache!

Not to worry lovely lady, Give me 20 minutes of your time, answer a few important questions and I’ll get it sorted for you quick smart! Here’s how it works.

  1. Select which page you want some expert copywriting or editing help on. This package is perfect for your Home Page, About Page, Services/Work with Me Page, or Sales Page.
  2. Drop me a line at with a few details and we’ll set up a 20 minute Skype chat to take place within 1 week.
  3. After our chat I’ll add you to my schedule (current waiting time is 2-3 weeks) and send you my client questionnaire.
  4. On our agreed start date I’ll get to work on your existing copy or write you a new page from scratch (whichever is most appropriate).
  5. You’ll receive a expertly tweaked, teased and super sparkly revised 1st draft within 5 working days.
  6. You’ll feed back any comments or amends within 5 working days
  7. I’ll produce a final draft and you’ll be ready to load and hit publish on your fabulous new page. Hurray!

Investment: £99 per page


Gimme a crowd-pleasing, cash converting, search engine ranking website package

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but then if you want a whole website writing, you’ve probably got a lot to say. So if you’re raring to get started with your new business, or if you simply want to give your old website a content overhaul, this super duper copywriting package has got you covered.

Now, most of the full website jobs I do are bespoke, but since you’re probably here trying to get a rough idea of what copywriting is going to cost you, here’s a general idea.

Stage 1: 30 minute Skype chat and client questionnaire – free

Stage 2: Keyword, industry and competitor research – £50

Stage 3: Expertly written or edited content for each of your pages – £45-99 per page.

Stage 4: Feedback amends and the production of the final polished draft – £45-90

Stage 5: On-site SEO. I’ll make sure each page I’ve provided content for is perfectly optimised and has a super compelling meta description. – £10 per page

Stage 6: Final on-site tweaks (to make sure everything looks FAB!) – £45-90

Approx Investment: Around £750

Get in touch to arrange your chat and get a bespoke quote