How to write an About Me page that potential customers love

One of the questions I get asked most often by my clients is:

“How do I write a brilliant About Me page?”

Writing your About page can be tricky. It’s about you (sort of), but it’s for your readers. Not to mention that of all the pages on your website, your about page is probably the second most clicked on after your home page. So it pays to get it right.

To help you out, here’s one of my go-to formulas for writing a perfectly communicative (and highly converting) about page. You’re welcome!

Step 1: Understand that this page isn’t about you. It’s an opportunity for your potential customer to vet you! So, instead of talking about you, take the opportunity to show how well you know your reader…

For example…

Isn’t it funny how you can talk about your business with passion, precision and purpose, but when it comes to writing things down… nothing. Suddenly you’re lost for words.

You love what you do for a living, but you’re having difficulty putting your passion into words for your website…

You want to start a kick-ass blog but you’re not sure what to write about, how often to post or even where to start…

You’re hard-working, intelligent and ready to take your copywriting, SEO and content marketing to the next level…

But you’re totally fed up of staring at a blank screen.

It’s time to do something about it.

Step 2: Reinforce to the reader why they are here and reassure them that they are in just the right place!

For example…

You know that good copy matters. That having the right words on your website could show off your products and services, get you ranked higher by search engines and help you attract more of your star clients. You know that an inspiring and advice packed blog could position you as an authority in your niche and that a perfectly pitched newsletter could convert more of your readers into paying clients.

So, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Hire someone to do the writing for you; or
  2. Hire someone who can train you or your team to do the writing for yourself.

I can totally help you with both.

Bonus Step: Social proof works, so back up the claims you’ve just made with a super lovely testimonial!

For example:

“I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone needing help with their copywriting. She is amazing to work with and she turns your mediocre words into magic words ready to wow your audience.
I have learnt so much about how to write better copy myself and also how to use SEO to optimise my website and blog posts in the future. I now have oodles of confidence about my website and can’t wait to show it to the world.”

Marie Fell, The Pilates Physio 

Step 3: Take a bow and introduce yourself! Jazz hands optional…

For example…

I’m Kerry, an award-winning SEO copywriter and content marketing consultant. I’ve been helping BIG brands and little businesses push their content, social media, SEO and online marketing to the next level for over 15 years. I’ve got extensive experience across a range of markets, a ridiculously deep understanding of small biz marketing, blogging and SEO, a fistful of awards and a proven record of spotting and developing new opportunities for businesses just like yours.

Most important of all, I’m wildly passionate about helping talented entrepreneurs to create copy that helps them to stand up, stand out and turn their business dreams into super success.

Step 4: Time to show off your skills! Make it super, crystal clear how you can help

For example…

I provide a range of content strategy, SEO copywriting blogging, editing, social media and training services to brilliant small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs across the UK and beyond.

Need expertly written copy for your website, blog, newsletter or marketing materials like yesterday? Not a problem.

Want to work with a consultant who actually helps you identify and achieve your content and writing goals without endless open questions or a one-size-fits-all approach (urgh!) I’m here for you.

Want to equip your staff with epic writing, blogging or SEO skills so that you can save time and money by getting your communications done in-house? Sign up for one of my Norwich workshops or let’s make a date for in-house training and get it done.

Whether you’re looking for quick but effective content marketing solutions or a VIP one-on-one coaching day that gets you set for business writing success, I’ll work with you to make it happen.

Step 5: They love you! Yay! Quick… tell them where they find out more!

For example…

For brilliant tips and advice on all things communication, copy and content marketing have a rummage around my blog, chances are you’ll find an article on what you’re looking for. And if you don’t, drop me a line and I’ll write one for you!

For daily doses of biz writing bliss, stop by the Write to Win Business Facebook page (don’t forget to say hi!) or follow me on Twitter at @writetowinbiz

If you’re the super profesh type, I’ve got a LinkedIn profile too.

Or if you just wanna skip the formalities and get in touch, drop me a line at:

Step 6: Ok, you’ve done the profesh you, include a few personal details to finish. People do business with people!

For example…

Want to know a little more about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ me? No problem! I’m a tea-drinking, welly wearing, countryside residing Brit. I live in the beautiful Norfolk Broads with the dashing Mr B, our two children, a pair of unruly Springer Spaniels and a high drama apple tree that loves to throw all it’s fruit to the ground in one glorious temper tantrum. I’m addicted to Netflix and chocolate covered peanuts – especially at the same time! When I’m not helping my clients to nab themselves more customers mostly I can be found eating cake… lots of cake.

And there you have it! A perfectly written About Me page that shares your story AND sells your expertise.

Of course, a well-written About me page is just one small part of your website, if you’d like to know how to use your copy to transform your website into a customer conversion machine, sign up for my totally free audio course – 5 Steps to a Fabulous (high conversion) Website.

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