Six Simple Hacks to Create an Opt in Page that your customers love!

Does your opt in page pull in the people or is it sending potential subscribers straight to the back button?

Are potential clients (and their money) bouncing off your freebie page like it’s a proverbial trampoline of rejection?

It’s not your fault.

Because pretty much everything that people ‘think’ makes a decent opt in page is wrong.

Lots of fancy-schmancy images? Urgh!

Shed loads of copy that gets you a green light on Yoast… No!

The good news is, that once you know the formula, creating an opt in (aka landing page) that converts curious readers into subscribers like crazy (in any market) is as easy as 1…2…3 (and 4, 5, 6).

So, would you like more potential customers to sign up for your marketing freebie? Not a problem. Implement my six simple hacks below and your shiny new opt in page will be bringing in the proverbial bacon faster than a Joules Flash Sale (and that’s pretty damn fast).


Hack 1: Put ALL important info above the fold

Put simply, your sign-up efforts live and die above the fold – it’s THAT important. The ‘above the fold’ area is the section of page you see on the screen upon opening the web page with NO scrolling (not even a little!) This super crucial section of your landing page is where a massive 80% of your readers will spend the majority of their time.

Time and time again I see looooooooonnnnnnnnng landing pages with copy that just goes on and on. I can’t overstate how frustrating this is for your readers; they’ve clicked through to your page so they’re interested in grabbing your free opt in.

Don’t make them work to get it! Grab that email, give em what they want and that’s it!

Don’t assume that your reader will scroll down for more information. Put anything important where they can find it straight away.


Hack 2: Craft a beautifully compelling headline

An attention-grabbing headline is the essential first step in grabbing the attention of potential customers and your absolute No 1 priority when it comes to landing page content.

It must be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Direct

There’s no room for waffle on a landing page my lovely… or any other page or blog post for that matter. Your headline should outline the key benefit(s) of the free product or service you’re offering in no more than a sentence. For example:

Yours Free! A cheat sheet for creating coaching courses that sell out instantly.


Free download! How to nab yourself thousands of new subscribers, in just 24 hours.

Let’s break those headlines down shall we?

So, to start you’ve got your no-risk temptation, this item is free!

This is swiftly followed by the benefit of what you’re offering, in this case, more sales or more subscribers and finally, words such as ‘instantly’ or the phrase ‘in just 24 hours’ promise quick results and instant gratification.

For extra pulling power (but only if you have room), include a sub-head. This extra snippet of copy offers you the opportunity to expand on the benefits already outlined in your headline and address your readers wants directly. For example:

Ever wish you could get the expert, definitive guide to creating and marketing a super successful coaching course? Well, here’s your chance.


Hack 3: Add a powerful image or video

Ok, this isn’t really a ‘writing’ tip, but it’s an essential step nonetheless. A whopping 90% of the information transmitted to our busy little brains is visual! And on average an image is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. Pretty sharp!

An attention grabbing image of your product, or even your fabulous self (looking at the reader or at your offer for best effect) or an informative short video that explains the benefits of what you’re providing, will supercharge the conversion capability of your landing page.


Hack 4: Make the benefits of your opt in crystal clear

It’s a busy old world out there and chances are that your curious potential customer is in a bit of a rush. Use bullet points on your subscribe page to provide your readers with a short, scannable list of instant benefits. Your goal should be to explain the value of your opt-in offer clearly in a series of 2-5 short sentences. For example:

In this totally free 5-day course you’re going to learn:

  • How to identify your ideal customer in minutes.
  • How to connect with them by writing in their own language.
  • How to target your marketing perfectly so you reach people in the right place at the right time.
  • How to create a fabulous sales funnel that converts more potential customers into paying clients.
  • How to keep your clients coming back for more… and more!


Hack 5: Share positive testimonials or social proof

Sharing existing customers positive experiences with your company is a great way to boost your subscription conversion rate. Keep testimonials short by using just the best snippets from the whole. Testimonials should be no more than 2-3 sentences long and:

  • Reinforce the benefits of the product or service that you are selling; or
  • Show off the fabulous results that customers have gotten by using your product or services; or
  • Boost your authority by backing up how awesome your knowledge and skills are.

Following up testimonials with third party endorsements can have a huge positive effect on the conversion rate of your landing page. Display the logos of businesses that already use your product or service to enhance your reputation.


Hack 6: Include an awesome call to action

EVERY opt in page needs a call to action (CTA). In most cases this is the button beneath your sign-up form. Don’t be dull and use ‘subscribe now’. Stand out from the crowd and use powerful action words that excite and persuade your reader!

CTA copy should be short, snappy and super direct. Using clear, active words and phrases such as ‘download now’ or ‘grab your free ebook’ will push potential customers in the right direction.

Design is also key when it comes to creating a standout call to action. Use brightly coloured buttons, links and colours that stand out on the page and instantly grab attention. Leave them in absolutely no doubt of what you’d like them to do next.

And there you have it. Six Simple Hacks to Create an Opt-in Page that your customers love!

Just to recap on those points. Your landing page should…

  • Fit above the fold if possible.
  • Have an awesome headline and subhead.
  • Include a fabulous image or short, super inspiring video.
  • Feature a scannable list of benefits.
  • Share social proof to back up your claims.
  • End with a clear call to action.

THAT’S IT. This is not the place to share your life story. Keep your copy short and simple.

Remember, your subscriber landing page has one task and one task only. Get that reader to hand over their email address. Once you’ve got that in the bag then you can start to build a connection with them.

Want to take a peek at my opt-in page? Of course you do! And whilst you’re there you can grab your free copy of my audio course: 5 Steps to a Fabulous (High Conversion) Website