7 steps to the perfect content-driven sales campaign

Whether you’re launching a new online service, running a seasonal offer, clearing stock to make room for next seasons must-haves or simply want to increase your revenue; running a promotion or special offer is a great way to boost your visibility and get more eyes on your beautifully designed website.

But putting together an eye-popping, attention grabbing, spend inducing offer can be confusing…

There’s so much to think about!

What products or services should I offer? How can I let my crowd know about the offer without sounding desperate? How do I stand out amongst all the other great deals on social media and how can I make sure I capture and convert as many curious shoppers as possible?

Step forward, seven steps to the perfect content-driven sales campaign!

In this post I’m going eliminate overwhelm and take you, step-by-step through my proven process for planning, creating and promoting the perfect offer.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Step 1: Pick the perfect products or services

There are lots of fabulous ways you can use your content to attract more customers and more cash. But before you begin creating you need to start by planning what amazing offers you’re going to run.

When you’re running a sale, often it can be tempting to simply try and sell more of everything you offer. If you offer more, then you’ve got a better chance of selling more right?


Make your offer too broad and at best you’ll lack focus. At worse, you’ll look desperate. Never a good look… even in pink! Focus on a few strong performers or a shiny new offering.

If you’ve opted to run a special offer on a single product or even launch a new one, try to think about how your offer can help solve a problem, fill a need or make your customers lives easier right now.

  • Is there a natty problem that you see come up again and again?
  • Is there a special event coming up that you can help people prep for or enjoy?
  • Is there a seasonal need for a specific product or service?


Step 2: Create oh-so-tempting packages that have your customers scrambling for the ‘Buy Now’ button

Your customers want fabulous value, but this doesn’t always mean a discount… in fact there are lots of really powerful ways to increase sales, build brand visibility and increase customer loyalty.

The key to a successful (and profitable) sales campaign is to balance the desires of your customers with the demands of your business. You’ve got to create a super tempting offer, but at the same time, you mustn’t give so much away that you end up making very little profit.

Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Big discounts
  • Buy one get one free
  • Free gift with every purchase
  • Free gift wrapping
  • Discount voucher for next purchase
  • Free delivery
  • Cut price bundles

If your goal is a quick and fast revenue boost, offer what is most likely to tempt customers to buy immediately. If your goal is to reward, encourage and build customer loyalty, offer what you think your customers would most appreciate.


Step 3: Create attention-grabbing graphics to wow new and existing customers

As an award-winning copywriter, I place a huge amount of emphasis on the words we use to communicate with our customers. I truly believe that your copy is the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal.


Much as it pains me to admit it, graphics are pretty darn important too. Humans are visual creatures, in fact our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does written words.

But what if, like me, you’re not a natural designer? What then? Well you’ve got two choices, hire a talented graphic designer to create a series of supporting graphics for you or use one of the totally amazing and FREE online design tools out there to create your own.

canva.com is my absolute go-to site for creating gorgeous graphics. There’s a huge variety of templates and sizes to choose from, stock photography at just $1 per image and you can also create your own photo library. Hurray!

When creating a campaign for my clients I always create at least 6 graphics.

  • A Facebook cover image
  • A Twitter cover image
  • 5 x social media images (I use the social media template in Canva which works across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • 5 x testimonial memes

And, if required

  • An email header image
  • A WooCommerce shop image
  • A Pinterest graphic

Here’s a few examples from a recent campaigns


Step 4: Use your blog to put your products in the spotlight

It’s super important for your sales campaign to be visible on your website. I’m always amazed at how many people launch and promote a new offer – be it a paid or free – all over social media and yet have absolutely no sign of it on their website!

For it to be successful, your campaign needs to be visible across your channels, not just on Facebook.

Your blog should be a major part of your promotion strategy. You can use your posts to generate interest before you launch and to keep the momentum going during your campaign. By utilizing content upgrades you can also grow your subscriber list directly from your blog posts.

For example: Generate interest and encourage sign-ups, before your campaign starts by writing an advice driven blog post on a single topic within your program or offer:

  • Fashion Sale: 5 effortless ways to tie an on-trend pashmina scarf
  • Health Programme Sale: 4 deliciously healthy home-made desserts that your dinner guests will love!
  • VA Services Sale: 30 time-consuming tasks you could outsource to a VA right now

And then promote it widely. With this blog post you offer a content upgrade. This is could be a few extra tips not included in your blog post or a checklist to help the reader achieve the results they desire. To get this upgrade your reader must subscribe to your list. Once they’re signed up, you send them their free checklist followed 24 hours later with an invite to join your program or to check out your sale offers.


Step 5: Tweak your website to ensure it is sales ready

Again, if you’re going to go to the time and effort to run an offer or create a sales campaign, it MUST be visible on your website. We’ve talked a little about how you can use your blog but where else should your offers be visible?

Think about…

  • Your home page – if you have a slider make sure your offer is featured.
  • Your online shop – Make sure your products are all present and correct and your descriptions are really compelling.
  • Your terms and conditions – Are they easy to find?
  • Testimonials – Are the most relevant ones at the top of the page?
  • Internal links – Is the customer journey clear? Do your pages guide the reader to where you want them to be?
  • Your blog – Are you using calls to action to get the reader from your blog to your offers?
  • Your contact page – Is it easy to find and are your details clear? Are your social media accounts listed?

Before you launch, take a walk in your customers shoes and think about all the potential touchpoints on your website that you could optimise for further sales visibility and success.


Step 6: Create a sales page that gets your list buzzing with anticipation

If you’ve been in business for a few months or more, hopefully you’ve begun building up an email list of fans, followers and potential buyers. And if you haven’t starting building an email list yet, I recommend you get started straight away.

Whenever I’ve launched a campaign for my clients, be it a month-long massage offer, a $99 nutrition course or an eco-friendly yoga retreat, the first sales almost always come from their existing subscriber list. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if your list has thousands of subscribers or just a few hundred; if you create a compelling campaign that communicates the benefits of your offer clearly, you will get those all-important first conversions.

Try this simple, five email formula. This works great for sales that run over the course of a week.

  1. Pre-launch email: This great offer is coming, join the VIP list and get early access!
  2. Launch email: It’s here! Check out this great offer!
  3. Mid-campaign email: Have you checked this out yet? Look at the benefits on offer! Here’s what’s selling fast
  4. End campaign email: Sale/offer ends in just xx days/hours. We don’t want you to miss out!
  5. Final email: The doors are closing, last chance to buy!


Step 7: Spread the word with social media

Finally, once you’ve planned your offer, created your packages, prepped your graphics, written your blog content and sent out your pre-launch email, it’s time to get out there and spread the word! Here’s a few ideas for generating a tonne of traffic to your (perfectly sales ready) website via social media.

  1. Update your social media headers with your offer graphics.
  2. Create a pinned Facebook post that highlights your offer on your business page
  3. And a pinned Tweet too!
  4. Publish your supporting blog post and promote it across your social media channels.
  5. Drop a line to any biz buddies with a similar audience to yours and ask if they’ll share your blog post with their crowd please! (Note here that you’re not asking anyone to sell anything for you, you’re simply asking them to share a blog. So, no need to feel icky at all).
  6. Take part in a Twitter chat and promote your offer.
  7. Create a hashtag around your offer to further build visibility.
  8. Schedule your awesome social media graphics to provide regular coverage throughout your offer period.
  9. Get onto Facebook Live and tell your page followers about your fabulous offer!
  10. Change your Instagram profile link to lead people to your offers.
  11. Share reviews and testimonials for the products or services you’re selling.
  12. Promote your offer in relevant Facebook Groups (you may need to wait until promo day in groups that limit sales messages).

So, are you ready to launch your next awesome offer? Now you are!

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